Bless the programmers part 2: free abbreviation expansion!

An even more useful tool in Writer is the replacement table, which is what the program uses to correct your typos. I can spell, thank you very much, and I don’t type quickly enough to make careless errors. So, I decided to use the replacement table to make Writer do abbreviation expansion. I deleted the dictionary of typo corrections and set up a large dictionary of my own. Now, instead of useless things like “ebuot” being replaced with “about”, I can expand words and phrases I use a lot. “sth” is replaced with “something,” “dsp” is replaced with “despite the fact that,” and so forth. There is a pretty large threshold for this; I have a ton of abbreviations and room to add more.

To create abbreviation expansions:

* Tools
* AutoCorrect
* Replace
* Enter your shorthand into the “Replace” column
* Enter the corresponding full word or phrase into the “With” column
* New
* OK

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