Sure, give us the malfunctioning products! Not.

People are so ignorant sometimes that it’s hilarious. (I mean “ignorant” in its proper sense, i.e., utterly clueless.) From the mostly negative reviews of the Frogpad140 on Amazon: “I would only recommend this product, in its current flawed, expensive and dangerous state, to people with only one functional hand.” From another: it causes frequent data loss and getting the drivers to work is a nightmare, but “disabled people will find this a huge step up from anything else on the market.” Granted, having a disability means that you get used to things other people find unbearable rather quickly, but we are not such beggars that we can never afford to be choosers. There are limits. Why should we be grateful for something that might corrupt our data too, or have bad drivers for our machines? Sure, stick us with the crappy products. Not. I know it takes a long time to save up for something like a Maltron, but there are alternatives if you can’t go that route. As for Frogpad, I hear its market has shifted towards mobile phones.

PLEASE NOTE: I am referring to customer reviews of the product, and not the Frogpad company. I have not used the Frogpad myself — its shape is not good for me. I was commenting on the fact that customers thought something was defective, and yet they thought it was just fine for people with disabilities. It’s no fun being snarky when you have to explain it… sigh.

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