Making Dragon 9.5 work with Firefox

I am very fond of Mozilla Firefox lately; I have version 2. It’s absolutely a more keyboard friendly browser, what with Mouseless Browsing133 and Bookmark Keys. It also works fine with a SmartNAV pointer and a dwell clicker or on-screen keyboard. But I have really been needing to give myself a rest, and was sick of going back and forth between IE 6 — Dragon’s favorite — and Firefox depending on what my level of mobility was. So I called up Firefox with Dragon and found that Firefox has become my universal browser.

However, Firefox is not totally voice accessible out-of-the-box. You must have Mouseless Browsing installed. If you don’t, you will have to say the entire name of a link in one breath to access it. With Mouseless Browsing, all you have to do is find the number next to the link and say “numeral [whatever].” Also, though Dragon supports basic Firefox commands such as “go to address,” “go there,” “go back/forward,” “refresh,” etc., there is no “text field” command like there is in IE. Thus, getting into search boxes can be a bit of a problem. Again, this is where Mouseless Browsing comes in. Text fields count as form elements. Under the Tools — Add-ons menu, go to the options for Mouseless Browsing and make sure the box “enable IDs for form elements” is checked.(You may also want to check the box that says “execute automatically without pressing enter.”) Once you do that, you can get into a text field simply by saying the number next to the field. Perfect.

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