The Integrated Keyboard, or Mousing with Maltron

The other day David Hostyk posted a very helpful comment on my “About” page concerning a program called Integrated Keyboarding. Presumably, it lets you use the letter keys to move and click the mouse cursor, a sort of more convenient Mouse Keys — a clever idea.

However, it doesn’t look feasible for the Malt layout because the motion commands are bound to certain letters, which of course are for a QWERTY keyboard. (I’m guessing it would be problematic in Dvorak also, but I don’t know.) But there is good news if you use a Maltron — you can already use the letter keys to control the mouse cursor if you want to. Simply enable Mouse Keys (left Alt, left Shift, NumLock), then press the red button under the function keys. Normally this would put you in numbers mode — making the letter keys replicate the numeric keypad — but since you’ve set the numeric keypad to replicate the mouse, your letter keys will likewise move the mouse. The directions correspond to the numeric keypad, so that you would find the direction on the letter keys looking at the number underneath. Like so:

F — left (4)
O — right (6)
M — up (8 )
T — down (2)
G — upper left diagonally (7)
P — upper right diagonally (9)
A — lower left diagonally (1)
E — lower right diagonally (3)
D — left click (5)
H — double-click (+)
– then D — right-click (- then 5)

If you want to drag or drop, reach over to the numeric keypad and press Insert or Delete, then move the cursor either by the keypad or the letter bank.

As far as Integrated Keyboarding, it still has potential. I’m wondering if it would work with an on-screen keyboard. I say that because if it did, it may enable a user to use the on-screen keyboard to control the mouse by switch scanning. There aren’t that many programs out there that let you do that — the only one I know of is from Gus Software, and it’s hideously expensive. So, if this program happens to work, you could conceivably create a Click-N-Type on-screen keyboard containing just those keys and thereby move your mouse with your switch. Pretty cool.

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2 Responses to The Integrated Keyboard, or Mousing with Maltron

  1. David Hostyk says:

    Very interesting idea. The Click-N-Type on-screen keyboard should work with Integrated Keyboarding, as long as the programmer remembers that to use the mouse, the WINDOWS+ALT modifiers have to be pressed. (Each function in Integrated Keyboarding uses a different modifier. Where possible, we used the same modifier as Microsoft. For instance, CONTROL controls cursor movement. CONTROL+SHIFT controls highlighting.)

  2. hand2mouth says:

    I stand corrected — just remembered the Click-N-Type “captures” the mouse cursor in scan mode, taking it offscreen. Probably not the best bet. The Windows onscreen keyboard might do something, though, if I can reason with it…

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