Another free/cheap word processor for Dragon

When I first reviewed the Jarte word processor, it must just have been a momentary glitch when I tried to use it with Dragon. Now, it works fine with Dragon. (Granted, I am trying this out on Jarte Plus, and before I was trying it on the free version. I don’t know if that had anything to do with anything.) You can select, capitalize, correct, and insert before and after words. You can also select lines and paragraphs. You cannot select individual sentences with the standard command, but there’s a way to get around that: simply tell Dragon to select the first through the last word of the sentence. For example, to correct or delete one of my previous sentences I would say, “select ‘you’ through ‘paragraphs period’.”

Another nice thing about Jarte is that, while you still can’t use natural language commands for everything, you can at least access the main toolbar menus like “File, Edit, Format” and so forth. (NOTE: YOU NEED TO CHECK “MINIMAL” UNDER THE “VIEW” MENU.)  However, once you do that, you will have to speak the underlined letter of the option you want, e.g. “press P” for Paragraph under the Format menu.  For text formatting, the rules for Writer still apply to Jarte: say the keyboard shortcut before and after the text you want to bold or italicize or whatever. Or, select your text and then say the keyboard shortcut. Note: if you want to copy a bunch of text, do NOT say “Copy” after you have selected it. Say “press control C”. The right clicking shortcut applies too: right-click on whitespace in the document, or within the text you have already entered, and you will get a context menu containing mostly clipboard commands such as copy and paste. Jarte seems to be a little bit quicker in response to dictation than is Writer, and with Jarte, you aren’t locked out of editing if you accidentally left click. If you want a free or cheap word processor that will work with Dragon provided you know keyboard shortcuts, and will give you line spacing and other options that Dragon Pad can’t, Jarte might actually be a better bet than Writer. It seems more reliable to me. Meanwhile, I’m going to go in and edit my previous review of Jarte.

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