Typing Assistant 4.2

Typing Assistant is now 99% perfect — the makers are good listeners. Version 4.2 is now totally keyboard accessible, and everything else in my previous review still applies. Thank you programmers! 🙂

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3 Responses to Typing Assistant 4.2

  1. joe slay says:

    It is really very good for me, I have bought it.

  2. Klaas says:

    Did not work for me. It collects all typos I ever typed and useless popups appears whenever I start typing anything.

    A real show stopper.


  3. hand2mouth says:

    It’s been a while since I’ve used Typing Assistant — I switched to a different program — but I know what you mean about collecting typos. You can delete them, however, if you go into the Auto Learn dictionary. I can see that would be annoying, though, if you had to do that often. I thought they had some sort of setting for skilled typists so that the pop-up wouldn’t appear so often, but I never used that setting because I am not what anyone would call a skilled typist. 🙂 If Typing Assistant doesn’t work for you but you still want some kind of word completion, Turbo Type might work for you a bit better. I say that because Turbo Type has an option to only offer the pop-up when you press Control Space. And the pop-up only has 3 words at a time on it, based loosely on frequency in English. It doesn’t collect typos, as far as I know, unless you deliberately add a word with a typo in it. There are some things it could improve on, but I’m told the developer is working on a future update. And if Turbo Type doesn’t work, Phrase Express might. What works for you will depend on the kind of assistance you need, and how you prefer suggestions to be arranged.

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