Dragon compatible utilities

Since Nuance doesn’t mention the maintenance aspect, I thought it would be a good idea to make a short list of other applications, such as antivirus or anti-spyware programs, that will work with Dragon using natural language. All are freeware.

Registry cleaner:

CCleaner is completely navigable by saying the words within the buttons or the listings on the side of the screen. To click any checkboxes, you can say the name of that checkbox to either check or uncheck it. You may have to do this more than once, depending on whether the computer thinks you’re trying to check or uncheck. It may uncheck the category altogether so that you can speak individual items you want checked. If you’re using the Startup configuration option, it’s better to use the Mouse Grid or mouse motion commands to highlight the entry you want to disable, followed by speaking the “Disable” button.


AVG‘s main functions are navigable by speaking the main menu item at the top of the screen, e.g. “Tools,” and then the subheading, e.g. “Scan computer.” Buttons such as “hide notification” cannot be spoken. However, buttons such as “Pause,” “Cancel,” “Apply,” or “OK” can be. The link saying “additional scan settings” can’t be spoken, but you can get there by saying “Tools,” then “Advanced settings.” You can speak to get to the list item that you want, and expand or collapse any trees by saying the appropriate arrow key.


SUPER Anti-Spyware can be navigated by speaking the buttons: “Scan your computer,” etc. The radio buttons for choosing a scanning option, e.g. “Perform quick scan,” can also be spoken. To select individual drives to scan, you’ll have to vocally click near that frame and then press the corresponding letter of the drive, followed by the spacebar to check the box.

Machine interpreter for playing text adventure/interactive fiction games:

Filfre can be dictated into and commanded by speaking the main menu headings and then initial subheading letters.

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