Vocola commands for Jarte Plus

So far, here are my Vocola commands for Jarte Plus. You need to have the find bar showing for the find-and-format commands. If you want to search backwards, you’ll need to click the backwards arrow on the find bar. (By default, Jarte searches from the top down.) I do that before I even begin dictating, and for the rest of my session I can format anything I’ve missed a few paragraphs ago. After you fix something backwards, you’ll be returned to the bottom of your document where you left off. I couldn’t use “italicize” or “bold” or “underline” by themselves, because Dragon interpreted that as its own Microsoft Word command, which registers in Jarte but does not execute. Also, you need to have the status bar showing if you want to use the “go to page” command.

Also, please note that the keystrokes Dragon sends for many of these commands are based on the shortcuts found using the “use alternate main menu” setting under Options, using the Minimal interface.
# Voice commands for jarte

# Document control
Blank document = {Ctrl+n};
Open doc = {Ctrl+o};
Save doc = {Ctrl+s};
Save as = {Ctrl+Shift+s};
Close tab = {Ctrl+w};
Next tab = {Ctrl+Tab};
Previous tab = {Ctrl+Shift+Tab};
Close all = {Shift+Ctrl+F4};
Close delete = {Alt+f}{e};
Print doc = {Ctrl+p};
Quick print = {Shift+Ctrl+p};
(Close | open) find bar = {Ctrl+f};
(Show | hide) status bar = {Alt+v}s;
Backwards arrow = SetMousePosition(1, 230, 61) ButtonClick();
Forward arrow = SetMousePosition(1, 289, 58) ButtonClick();

# Text and page formatting
Italic <_anything> = {Ctrl+f} $1 {Enter} {Ctrl+i} {Ctrl+End};
Bold word <_anything> = {Ctrl+f} $1 {Enter} {Ctrl+b}{Ctrl+End};
Underline word <_anything> = {Ctrl+f} $1 {Enter} {Ctrl+u}{Ctrl+End};
Scratch <_anything> = {Ctrl+f} $1 {Enter} {Backspace}{Ctrl+End};
Double Space = {Alt+p}{l}{2} {Enter};
Copy doc = {Ctrl+a} {Ctrl+c};
Backspace all = {Ctrl+a} {Backspace};
Copy = {Ctrl+c};
Paste = {Ctrl+v};
Italics (on | off) = {Ctrl+i};
Bold (on | off) = {Ctrl+b};
Underline (on | off) = {Ctrl+u};
Increase font size = {Ctrl+Shift+Up};
Decrease font size = {Ctrl+Shift+Down};
Page break = {Ctrl+Enter};
Center = {Ctrl+Shift+c};
Align left = {Ctrl+Shift+l};
Align right = {Ctrl+Shift+r};
Set font (Verdana | Times New Roman) = {Alt+n}c WaitForWindow(“Font”) $1 {Enter};
Font size 6..72 = {Alt+n}c WaitForWindow(“Font”) {Alt+s} $1 {Enter};
Go to page 1..20 = SetMousePosition(1, 260, 702) ButtonClick() {Backspace} $1 {Enter};

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