Vocola commands for Firefox

This list is very much a work in progress — Firefox works surprisingly well vocally if you have mouseless browsing installed, and your toolbars are customized the right way. The “click link” command allows you to go without mouseless browsing if you want to, though — for the most part. You can speak any part of the link as long as it’s a pronounceable word. I haven’t figured out the whole text field or button/checkbox thing, except to get the mouse coordinates or count tab keys.

UPDATE: I’ve pared this down to the essentials, to be updated as I find things.

# Voice commands for firefox

Middle click = ButtonClick(4,1);
Enable select say = SetNaturalText(1);
[Click] Link <_anything> = “‘” $1 {Enter};
Organize bookmarks = {Ctrl+Shift+b};
Clear private data = {Ctrl+Shift+Del};
options menu = {Alt+t} Wait(400) {Up} {Enter};

#mouseless browsing

0..9 0..9 0..9 = {NumKey$1}{NumKey$2}{NumKey$3};

0..9 0..9 = {NumKey$1}{NumKey$2};

0..9 = {NumKey$1};

Open 1..1000 new tab = $1{+}{Ctrl+Enter};

(Disable | enable) mouseless browsing = {Alt+NumKey.};

#autoscrolling (bookmarklet)

Stop scrolling = {Esc};

Scroll faster = {Ctrl+Shift+NumKey+};

Scroll slower = {Ctrl+Shift+NumKey-};

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