Let me rephrase that: mouseless browsing and Dragon

I was muttering to myself (and my computer) all morning about what I thought was a bug in mouseless browsing in Firefox 3, or Dragon 10, or all of these (considering Dragon’s rickety built-in support for things like this). See, my habitual phrase for accessing anything numbered is “numeral [whatever]”. This worked, until I started trying to select multiple checkboxes in Gmail. The 1st box checked fine. But when I spoke the number for the next box, my previous checkmark was removed. It was driving me nuts.

Finally, I just started running through every possible phrase. Evidently, I wasn’t saying the magic words — if you want to consistently select checkboxes, you have to say “press [number].” If you do it that way, you can check more than one box at a time. I have no idea what the rephrase had to do with it, because as far as I can see they’re just synonyms for the same function. Maybe it is a mild Dragon bug; who knows. Oh well.

Of course Nuance and Mozilla could solve the whole thing by collaborating for better compatibility, but I’ll take this in the meantime. Especially because I downloaded the beta of the latest mouseless browsing version, 0.5.2. It’s really cool — it supports more elements now, like tabs and frames. Dragon can click tabs for you if you say a word in the tab title, but just in case that’s a little dodgy — and it is sometimes, especially if those number flags pop up for duplicate words and Dragon clicks the opposite of your choice — the latest mouseless browsing version provides an alternate way.

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