Bypassing text fields in mouseless browsing

My list of Vocola commands for Firefox is getting pretty long, so I figure I should start breaking it up. Since a lot of Firefox use with Dragon involves mouseless browsing, I thought it would be a good idea to post specific Vocola commands that allow you to take advantage of more mouseless browsing capabilities than you’d be able to if you were just using Dragon alone.

You may have noticed that if your cursor is in a text box, and you want to say a link, saying “numeral [whatever]” puts those numbers in the text box instead of clicking the link you want. Not terribly helpful. The 1st thing you want to do is go into Tools — Add-ons — Mouseless Browsing (or, if you have your mouseless browsing options in your Tools menu separately, just Tools — Mouseless Browsing — Open Configuration). Then, choose “ID types.” Check the option “use numpad exclusively for mouseless browsing.” As per the description, this allows you to bypass text fields and go directly to the link. For Dragon, however, you need Vocola or another scripting program in order to make use of this feature.

The reason is that Dragon cannot natively press more than one keypad key in succession. You need to make a command that will force Dragon to press only the keypad keys, and in such a way that you can enter multiple digit link numbers. Like so:

0..9..0..9..0..9..09 = {NumKey$1}{NumKey$2}{NumKey$3}{NumKey$4};
0..9 0..9 0..9 = {NumKey$1}{NumKey$2}{NumKey$3};
0..9 0..9 = {NumKey$1}{NumKey$2};
0..9 = {NumKey$1};

So, for example, if I say “2  7  3” while my blinking cursor is in the text box, Dragon will press those three keys on the keypad as if you had pressed them manually. The focus will now transfer to the link and press it. Perfect. (NOTE: under the mouseless browsing options, make sure the option “execute automatically without pressing enter” is checked.)

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