Vocola commands for Foxit Reader

These commands work equally in version 2.3 and 3 except for the typewriter command — in version 2.3, the sent key press is {Alt+8}. This is not an exhaustive list of commands; it’s just the ones I use frequently. If there are any discrepancies between the 2 versions that I’ve missed, let me know.

# Voice commands for foxit reader

open doc = {Ctrl+o};
save doc = {Ctrl+s};
print doc = {Ctrl+p};
close tab = {Ctrl+w};
next tab = {Ctrl+Tab};
search for <_anything> = {Ctrl+Shift+f} $1 {Enter};
close search pane = SetMousePosition(1, 1011, 91) ButtonClick();
auto scroll (on | off) = {Ctrl+Shift+h};
typewriter = {Alt+t}{t}{Enter};
font menu = SetMousePosition(1, 112, 94) ButtonClick();
change font size = SetMousePosition(1, 241, 94) ButtonClick();
notes = {Alt+t}{c}{n};
text view (on | off) = {Alt+9};
choose text = {Alt+6};
highlight text = {Alt+t}{c}{h};
Zoom in = {Alt+5};
Zoom out = {Alt+4};
hand = {Alt+3};
jump to page 1..100 = {Ctrl+Shift+n} $1 {Enter};
Zoom to = {Ctrl+m};

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