Why can’t people read?

It really, really irks me when professionals can’t even be bothered to look at what they’re describing. The Assistive Technology Lending Library at Temple describes the one-handed Maltron keyboard this way: “Besides the standard QWERTY layout, the Maltron has its own layout (with two letters on every key) created to minimize movement even further. Press a button at the top to switch between the two layouts.” The one-handed Maltron has no QWERTY — the layout is one-handed Malt, hence the name. Those are NUMBERS on the keys, genius — the little red button lets you use the letter keys as a numeric keypad. UPDATE: Their site has been corrected.

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One Response to Why can’t people read?

  1. Jonathan says:

    They got it right in the top half of the description, but then it appears they pasted a description of the Maltron 2-handed keyboard in the lower half. (I have a 2-hand Maltron in our lab, and that excerpt describes it exactly.) Cut and paste equals laziness sometimes…

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