Play Tetris with your voice

I felt like playing a game today; I’ve not been feeling well and couldn’t really concentrate on anything. While I could have browsed around for more interactive fiction games that worked with Filfre and thus with Dragon, I was too tired for strategy games with plots. I decided I wanted to play Tetris. So I did.

The online versions were flash-based and gave me a headache and I couldn’t play them, so I looked for safe downloads. I found one from Crystal Office Systems. It’s operated entirely by the arrow keys and/or the numeric keypad (NumLock ON), which means that Dragon can do everything. Say “Help,” then “Contents,” and move down a few times until you get to the Keyboard section, and it will tell you what key does what. As a bonus, you don’t have to worry about saying “press right arrow” or whatever over and over, because you can just say “go right 10,” “go left 2,” etc. In addition, pieces are large and the game area is small, so that helps — especially if your visual spatial skills are weak like mine. And since it’s a separate downloaded program, it’s easier to create Vocola commands if you wish.

Here’s the download link. And, because it interests me, an article on neurological benefits of Tetris. SEE ALSO: Vocola commands for Tetris.

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2 Responses to Play Tetris with your voice

  1. jadelennox says:

    if I had to give up reading every blog in the world except for one, I’m pretty sure I would keep yours. I don’t know how I managed before I found some of your tips.

    I am so excited by this. It’s been years since I got to play any games other than interactive fiction or vicariously, by telling somebody else what to do in a game of civilization. I’m too lacking in spoons this week to try Tetris but I am totally going to try as soon as my energy is back up.

  2. hand2mouth says:

    🙂 I’m glad. And I hear you — for all I’m a word person and enjoy IF, there’s a pretty big gap in accessible games. I wonder sometimes if I would’ve been a bit of a gamer, if I could play them!

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