TurboType update: numbered

So I am using the new version of TurboType, which now numbers the word list from 1 to 3 for instant completion…not even a week after the suggestion. Responsive programmers continue to surprise me. In terms of basic prediction functionality, TurboType now rivals Penfriend in my opinion, and surpasses it in speed. What it doesn’t do I can do with AutoHotKey macros, which I’m working on.

Once again I have to say: what gives? Why don’t the less expensive options get more mentions — especially if they have fewer bugs and faster support? A program doesn’t have to cost $100+ for it to be good assistive technology. If it has the functions you need, what’s the problem? And if you only need the core, you’re not paying for features you don’t use. Sounds like something that deserves mention to me.

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