Dragon/speech friendly Notepad replacement for voice coders

If you’ve tried to code by voice, you’ve likely realized that there are no compilers that support select and say. (If you found one, tell me, please.) Therefore, you dictate the code into Notepad, then copy and paste it into a compiler such as Visual C++, then try to compile and run it. The rub comes if Visual C++ turns up errors. It will helpfully give you the line numbers, and you may even be able to tell Dragon to go down the number of lines. The problem is that Visual C++ is MISERABLE when it comes to selecting and correcting text, and even dictating. Therefore, you have to go back to the original code in Notepad, find the errors there, fix them in Notepad, copy the document, go back into Visual C++, delete the code there, and paste the new code.

The problem with Notepad is that it doesn’t display line numbers; you have to count down the lines yourself. If you have a fair amount of code, your eyes may trick you and you might skip lines, making it rather tedious. But I found a program that might make it a little easier to dictate and vocally edit code. It’s the one Notepad replacement program out of I don’t know how many I tried that actually supports select and say: Win32Pad by Gennady Feldman. Even better, it has line numbering.

The line numbering is not turned on by default. It’s under View — Line Numbers. (The menus are vocally accessible as well. There are also keyboard shortcuts for most major functions.) Once you have turned on line numbering, it becomes easier to tell Dragon to go down or up some number of lines to find your error and correct it. Dragon’s own “go to line” command doesn’t work, but Win32Pad has its own shortcut, which you can access by saying “Edit,”then “go to line,” then saying the line number and OK. You could also tell Dragon to press Control G.

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