Control your DVD/CD drive with Dragon: AutoHotkey/Vocola

This script to control your CD/DVD drive by voice is optionally twofold. It requires AutoHotkey to assign it to a keypress, and Vocola or another Dragon NaturallySpeaking add-on to assign a voice command to that key if you wish. You would thus need to be running both for the latter to work. (See Product Sites sidebar to download.) If you don’t have an add-on program, you can do this by running only the AutoHotkey script and vocally pressing the key. Choose a key that you don’t use very often; mine is the | (vertical bar). If you absolutely need that key for something, exclude the application that requires it. (E.g. IfWinExist [, WinTitle, WinText, ExcludeTitle, ExcludeText]).

Telling Dragon to press that key or its command will both eject and close the tray, depending on its current position. I did try to do this using only Vocola, but AutoHotkey made it easier because it has that as a built-in script in its list of commands.

The AutoHotkey script:

Drive, Eject
if A_TimeSinceThisHotkey < 1000
Drive, Eject,, 1

The Vocola script:

Drive (open | close) = {|};

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