More buttons for Firefox and Dragon

I’ve mentioned the Custom Toolbar Buttons for using Firefox and Thunderbird with Dragon before, but am plugging it again because there are some navigation buttons I didn’t notice. These buttons would be especially useful for those who don’t use add-on command programs, but they may also simply reduce the syllables of an existing command if that’s important to you.

1. Find Again and Find Previous. This might be helpful for those using typeaheadfind.linksonly rather than Mouseless Browsing. If Firefox focuses on a word with multiple instances, saying “find again/previous” is more fluid than “press Control G” or “press Control Shift G.” However, it will be somewhat slower than the keypress command or a Vocola “find again” command since it uses cursor movement instead of keystrokes.

2. Close Other Tabs. Does exactly what it says, leaving only your current tab.

3. Snap Back. Goes to the first site you visited in the current tab. Useful depending on your browsing habits.

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