Teach your computer to swear: profanity with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

To answer the search question I found in my stats: yes, you can dictate profanity with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. It has the tamer ones in its lexicon already, including the more flippantly spelled “dammit,” so you can curse according to your mood. The rest of them you have to spell into the vocabulary yourself and save, training if necessary. After that, you can swear as creatively as you like.

(I don’t reproduce all the words here because I’m trying to avoid the net nannies sometimes found on public machines.)

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15 Responses to Teach your computer to swear: profanity with Dragon NaturallySpeaking

  1. jadelennox says:

    Ha! I’ve had to add some quite creative curses to my NaturallySpeaking vocabulary.

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Yeah — lately I’ve found myself invoking mine in combinations I haven’t used before. Luckily they don’t seem to require much training…else it makes for very interesting overhearing!

  3. Shagbark says:

    No, I can’t. Tried and tried, and Dragon refuses. I’m trying to write fiction here, & Nuance wants it all G-rated. Fark them.

  4. ramblinriter says:

    I just got DNS 12 and don’t seem to be able to add profanity words to the vocabulary. It will let me add nonsense words (I added “sprick” as a test.). WTF? I’m an adult and if I want to say something I don’t want to have to correct “shipped” or “flock” every time.

  5. hand2mouth says:

    That’s weird. Did they add a profanity filter or something? I’m still on 11.5, so I don’t know, but it doesn’t make sense that those words wouldn’t make it through the Vocabulary Editor. It’s roundabout, but could you make those words into text commands?

  6. hand2mouth says:

    Seems a little draconian, doesn’t it?

  7. ramblinriter says:

    I thought maybe it was because I was using “basic” but they bought me the full-up Professional for work and it wants “shipped” as well. GRRR. Plus side: I can say “Insert my name” instead of correcting “And” (for Ann) every single freaking time.

  8. Ficus strangulensis says:

    I’ve tried repeatedly to ‘train’ 11.5 to capture the seven words with NO luck!

  9. Don Henderson says:

    You’re all RIGHT!

    After searching widely on the “Interweb,” including on Nuance’s own KnowledgeBase and Support Forums, I came up with exactly bullshit! “Odd,” I thought. “I can’t have been the only person to have noticed something so blatant, obvious and shamless that has been on-going for years, could I?” So, tried a few more times, and dug a lot harder, and finally came up with only you 8 brave folks who even dared, or noticed and “complained…a little” about this “profanity-filtering-effect” in Nuance’s products. It’s not a “bug”; it’s a fucking “feature!”

    I recently bought Nuance’s Dragon Dictate for Mac (MSRP $200), and spent at least 2-weeks testing it–and already, I’m very fucking angry about this intentional, international criminal conspiracy to attempt to, and effectively actually deprive me of my hard-won Civil Liberties under the U.S. Constitution, and my Human Rights under the UDHR! I’m that fucking serious about this shit!

    I’ve just spent about 3-hours conclusively tested and documenting 4- of 5-separate Nuance voice-recognition algorithm-based products, and in the 3-explicitly Nuance-branded or -licensed versions:
    (1) Nuance’s Dragon Dictate [iOS / $0],
    (2) Nuance’s Dragon Dictate for Mac [OSX / $200], and
    (3) Tensift’s Active Voice [iOS / $9.95]), and I’m so confident of my testing and deductive-reasoning skills, I’m betting it’s true of the 4th untested product too:
    (4) Anfasoft.com’s Speech Recogniser [iOS / $8.95]

    They’re all the same in exactly one precise and important way: they all unethically, illegally, intentionally break at least 3-separate crimes I can think of all by myself–and I was only ever a Paralegal for about 2-fucking-decades: they all “hobble” the underlying algorithm in all their product markets to effectively censor U.S. Constitutionally-protected free-speech:

    (1) They attempt to and effectively deprive us our our Civil Rights and Human Rights by preventing profanity (Nuance-branded products), or;
    (2) They actually deprive us of our Civil Rights and Human Rights by censoring profanity against our consent and knowledge, and by automatically at that–by inserting unwanted asterisks for profane words (Nuance-licensed products), and;
    (3) most importantly, the conspire to deprive us of our inherent, inalienably, our so-called God-given Constitutionally-protected free-speech rights–such as the use of profanity by legal adults, way past the age of consent, in their own communities, and even in their own fucking homes!

    I just a moment ago posted a demand for either a non-hobbled version, or a complete refund on their Mac Support Forum–they’re such unbelievable Profanity Nazis that I had chosen to include just 2 well-placed and carefully selected “fucking’s”, and when they popped up what was only “Temporarily Posted Pending Review by an Administrator, THEY EVEN CENSORED THAT SHIT RIGHT BEFORE MY EYES, AGAIN WITHOUT MY CONSENT OR PERMISSION–AGAIN!!!

    The only historically-reasonable excuse ever for such censorship had better be:

    Time-Traveling Puritans somehow made it back to Plymouth Rock, and made their way up to Nuance’s Board of Directors–and took over the place at musket-point, forcing the modern folks to fear for their lives–so they just had no real choice…ever.

    …For about a fucking minute, even then, right!? So, any Time-Travelling Puritans there now!? No!? Good…


    Q: “What right do they have to do this!?”
    A: Not a fucking single one–in fact, it’s really fucking presumptuous, condescending and illegal of them to do such cowardly and shameful things–no wonder there is no mention of this in their own site: they’re such fucking censorship nuts, they’ve probably even scrubbed-clean their own support sites and forums of all such protected content to try to prevent even the hint or suspicion of any actual censorship.

    Well, TOO FUCKING LATE. Now, it’s a possible censorship crisis / scandal!!

    Q: “How do you know it was an ‘international conspiracy'”?
    A: Simple: Evidence…
    Because Nuance is based in the U.S., and their licensees: Tensest is based in Morocco, and Anfasoft.com is based… Well, turns out to be: in some mysterious shell-company based nowhere anyone knows, or even who their owners are, or maybe when they started business–perhaps [I hate to seem paranoid, but that’s what people who have good reason to feel paranoid always say…] a CIA/NSA cover-group? Nes pas?

    Q: “How do you know it was intentional, and its not just some accident of they’re otherwise excellent, time-honored, and well-reviewed products?”
    A: Simple again: Evidence and a clean Logical Deduction… Because all at least 3 and almost certainly a 4th of their products do this same “filtering” in different ways–Prevent [2 Nuance-branded products], and Censor [2 Nuance-licensed product(s)]–differently. So, it’s definitely a so-called “feature”; if it was a so-called “bug”, then it would be common and all would have to be the same “filtering-effect.” Finally, the almost forgotten 5th-result was entirely different from the rest: it wasn’t hobbled at all! The Non-Nuance-branded/Licensed version of Dragon Dictate–better known as the built-in iOS keyboard-app Dictation?–doesn’t “filter” at all… In fact, I’d guess that if Nuance even tried that shit in Cupertino, they would’ve shown those fuckers the door! I bet they HAD to permit profanity in their non-branded product, because Apple would’ve packed up and gone to another vendor…

    Q: “Are there possibly even other, more serious crimes here?”
    A: Well, “where there’s smoke, there’s usually fire…” So, sure… Yes. Speaking of “other vendors”–a quick perusal of the voice recognition market in the U.S. for Only Mac and iOS Products Alone (not the much larger and even more lucrative “Wintel” PC Market, right!?) reveals: they’re exactly one: the major 8,000-pound Gorilla in the Market, the “Micro$oft of Voice Recognition”, if you will –and that’s been Nuance now for what–20-years years now!? So, that clearly implies at least to my great logical mind is, what I believe are called at least 3-major new crime ares / causes of actions:
    “Illegal Monopoly,”
    “Unfair Trade Practices,” and even
    “Predatory Marketing”
    …so that, maybe the US DOJ, the USDA, the US DOC, and even the US ITC would be very interested in at least starting a proper investigation into such serious and well-researched charges done shamelessly–right before the very eyes their own “God” (Capitalism?) and even their own conscience (not much), better angels (again, zilch)–and finally, right under the noses of all the fine commissioners at those agencies! Shocking! And Outrageous!!

    Oh, and others who might be interested in the ensuing Public / Human Rights scandal: the ACLU, The U.N., and even the Media–market forces like ZDnet.com, CNet.com and others who have fawned over Nuance’s products for years now! Everyone likes to see a story where the Big Ones have a some spectacular comeuppance… It’s part of the perennial underdog-story we Americans love so much!

    I hope they saved some of their Massive Monopoly Money for some good lawyers, great PR-folks, and the best damned Lobbyists they can buy–they’re probably gonna need ’em ..,right, about… NOW!

  10. I find myself using Dragon for voice dictation on my Mac a lot these days. Version 5 is actually really good but there’s one problem. It has some fucking language filter and it’s driving me nuts. Even Siri will deign to dictate and transcribe the word fuck in all of its forms. Dragon absolutely refuses. I can’t even seem to train it.

  11. palealien says:

    Microphone on So did you finally get it to work? I did, but it’s a fucking Lotta work. Had to think of every variation of every combination of profanity I commonly use. Fox, fuckin’, fucking, sucked up- C, those last few were some I missed. Let’s try this again: suck suck. So it likes fellatio better than intercourse?

  12. Dylan says:

    I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking Home 13 and I have finally been able to train it to say fuck. Strangely, it also doesn’t want to say anatomical terms. Regina is not vagina.

    It will say ‘penis’. Your results may vary.

  13. Dylan says:

    I just wanted to add that the difficulty in making Dragon NaturallySpeaking say curse words is a disability rights issue.

  14. hand2mouth says:

    Hey, swearing is important!

  15. Australian says:

    I’m glad I’m not the only person that was having this ridiculous problem.

    However, I am using Dragon NaturallySpeaking 5.05 on a Mac and I have now got it to work.

    The trick seemed to be that you have to train it. You can’t just add words to the vocabulary. You actually have to go in and do a voice training for each one. And then you can do such beautiful things as this: fuck fucking fucked shit

    However there is one word I simply can’t get it to say and that is: can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t fucking can’t

    Being an Australian this word is a very natural part of our vernacular and have removed from the lexicon is a tragedy.

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