Assistive technology for dealing with rude people

The following site/macro is not targeted to people with disabilities, but it helps me deal with the acquaintance who asks intrusive and patronizing questions about my disability. This is usually the same person who will consistently pat me on the head, put words in my mouth or take things out of my hand, and passive-aggressively retaliate when I object because Person was “only CURIOUS” or “only ever being HELPFUL to you, HandToMouth. You can’t appreciate that?” I don’t mean the average person who asks where I got my input devices. I mean a person with a nose-in-air oblivious sense of entitlement.

It’s snarky enough that I can both express my frustration and, with luck, make the other person see the illogic in the presumption that I would be an encyclopedia or “self-narrating zoo exhibit.” (Another disclaimer: I don’t mind answering questions and doing research as a rule, especially about assistive technology. I wouldn’t have a blog if I minded. If a condescending person is asking the question to Other me, though, that’s different.)

End preamble: let me Google that for you.

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