Open bookmarks in new tabs with Dragon: Tab Utilities

I don’t know why I didn’t mention this sooner. If you want to open toolbar bookmarks in new tabs with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, the Tab Utilities add-on allows you to do that. It’s fairly straightforward. Other nice options include opening direct addresses and history items in new tabs. This works for Vocola “go to <website>” commands as well. You can also see the session history of a tab by clicking it.

Note, though, that links associated with the main page (clicking a recent post link on my blog, for example) will usually open in the same tab depending on the target.

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2 Responses to Open bookmarks in new tabs with Dragon: Tab Utilities

  1. gfmueden says:

    Yesterday a blog asked for help for a person who couldn’t use his hands and asked for help to find a way of doing email, etc. by dictation only. Can Dragon NS do it? Anything special needed?

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Dragon itself can dictate into anything because it imitates the keyboard and mouse. How well the dictation works depends on the program you’re trying to dictate into. The program has to comply with accessibility standards. For e-mail, Microsoft Outlook is the most compliant. I don’t have it myself, but I’m told it has full select and say capability, which means that commands for correcting text will work seamlessly. Mozilla Thunderbird is next. Thunderbird is not fully compliant. You can dictate, but trying to edit by voice might be a little off. If you’re using Thunderbird, it’s safer to dictate into the Dictation Box first, then transfer it into your mail window. Or, copy and paste from your word processor.

    You don’t need anything special to use Internet Explorer with Dragon, or Microsoft Word. Jarte is a word processor that works well for dictation with Dragon. I discuss it in my Jarte post, if it helps. Firefox and Dragon work together to a certain extent, but to get the most out of Firefox it’s good to change some about:config settings like accessibility.typeaheadfind.linksonly and accessibility.tabfocus or use add-ons like Mouseless Browsing. Dragon does not have the same commands for Firefox as it does for Internet Explorer, because Mozilla has not made Firefox compliant totally.

    For commands, compliant programs will let you access menus and so forth by name. But you can force Dragon to work with almost anything by saying the keyboard shortcuts or the mouse commands. If you want to command everything by name, it’s useful to have a command program. I use Vocola, which works for all versions of Dragon. Vocola requires you to write your own commands. You can buy a program called KnowBrainer that has commands for many programs built in. It doesn’t work with the Standard version of Dragon. The maker will provide it for free sometimes if the customer provides proof of disability. There’s also a program called Utter Command, but it only works with the Professional version of Dragon.

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