Link Widgets: turn site pages better with Dragon

For me, one of the most frustrating things to navigate is a badly paged discussion board. Some get rid of Next, Previous and page numbers in favor of tiny greater than and less than signs, and a text box that doesn’t use the standard Enter key to load the page number you type. Some have Next and Previous buttons coded in such a way that you can’t tab to them or click them vocally. It’s not that you can’t get around this at least partially by using Mouseless Browsing or linksonly or mouse commands, but some people don’t like to use those workarounds until they have to.

So I went looking for something that might help the last resort crowd and found Link Widgets. This is a set of toolbar buttons that, when clicked, take you to the 1st, last, next, and previous pages of paginated sites. You can set how it guesses the page. This includes not only discussion boards, but Google search results as well. Depending on what kind of mood Google is in, this can be good or bad. Sometimes Dragon recognizes the “Next” link, meaning you have to pick it or the button, and sometimes you need the button.

It’s a minor thing, and perhaps unnecessary if you use the standard workarounds, but might be helpful to somebody.

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