Arthritis gloves for one-handed people

For me, the problem with compression gloves (a.k.a. arthritis gloves) is that they come in pairs. Because I can only use half the package, I’m essentially paying for one expensive glove. This is particularly true of gloves with Velcro closures or textured grips — they can’t be turned inside-out in an attempt to use the left-hand glove on my right hand. I like to get my money’s worth.

I did find a pair of gloves that, even if they’re not meant to be ambidextrous, fit equally well on my right hand even without turning the left one inside-out. IMAK is the most comfortable glove I’ve tried so far, even if the compression is lighter than, say, the  Bionic glove I got from my orthopedist. The IMAK comes further up my fingers than the Bionic, which I like. It fits snugly, and the material is partly cotton, so it’s soft — not slippery like, say, an Isotoner. (Note: the Isotoner gloves can be turned inside-out to fit on the same hand, but this makes the seams more palpable.) I can feel the thumb seam on the IMAK a little bit, but it’s not irritating. And it’s a nice salt-and-pepper grey. It would go with pretty much anything, if that concerns you.

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6 Responses to Arthritis gloves for one-handed people

  1. hand2mouth says:

    Gah. “Farther,” not “further.” Word-compulsiveness is flaring up again. (That isn’t an OCD joke; I mean I’m suddenly compelled to fix tiny missed misrecognitions I’d normally leave alone.)

  2. Elisabeth says:

    Glad to hear that the IMAK is working well for you! I use them for rheumatoid arthritis in my hands, and have had many compliments on the style. Do you find that the thinner fabric or the edging wears faster from pulling the glove on with your teeth? I seem to already be picking the hem loose doing this, since I use the same technique when my hands are bad.

    By the way- thank you for your reviews! I am hearing a lot of good things about Dragon Naturally Speaking and found myself seated next to one of their reps on a recent plane flight, so I was able to pick her brain on usability. What is primarily holding me back right now is both my offices (work and home) are shared, so I’m hesitant to use a voice-based tool. I will probably get over this hangup sooner rather than later, however.

  3. hand2mouth says:

    You’re welcome. I’m jealous that you got to sit next to a Nuance rep… there are things I’d like to say 🙂

    As far as the gloves unraveling from my teeth, I do think I’ll eventually scrape the fabric thin(ner) in a spot or two based on how I feel the fabric stretch. One thing I try to do occasionally, instead of always using my teeth themselves, is to kind of purse my lips around my teeth and grip the glove that way so it’s not so sharp on the fabric. It doesn’t give as strong a grip as biting the fabric does, but it works sometimes. Also, there’s slightly less chance of fuzz in my mouth that way. At some point I might try to put a piece of Scotch tape on the bottom of the gloves where my teeth end up and see if that does any good.

    As for potentially using Dragon in your offices — depending on the layout of the office and the quality of your microphone/soundcard, it might not be that bad. It would probably work somewhat more slowly if it did in fact work, because it would have to process harder to separate you from the other person. But it might work to an extent — who knows. Wouldn’t it be nice if Dragon had a legit trial download! (Are you using Vista or 7 by any chance? Windows Speech Recognition doesn’t quite have all the polish or features of Dragon yet, but it might give you an idea of how well you could use speech recognition in your offices.) Best of luck.

  4. Elisabeth says:

    Hmm- there is iron-on tape that you can get in the craft and sewing stores that would probably work better than Scotch tape, since it would be permanent (and washable!). I use the lip trick for taking the gloves off, but since my hands are usually swollen when I’m putting on the gloves I need to go straight for the teeth, heh.

    By the way, how are you teeth holding up since you use them regularly for tools? My mom broke her wrist badly over the holidays, and then managed to break a tooth using her mouth to hold and open things. It was not one of her better Christmases, to say the least.

    No Windows 7 here yet, but we do have it on one of the machines at work and I’ll try it out. Thanks for the suggestion! (I had no idea it was on there)

  5. hand2mouth says:

    I’m wincing just reading that. Ow. Twice. :-/ I hope she healed well. My teeth have held up pretty well, though I think they may have become somewhat sensitive over time; sometimes I feel something like the dental equivalent of my skin crawling, if that makes sense. I’m lucky that my dentist hasn’t given me a hard time, but I’m usually pretty careful. I think the worst thing I ever tried to do was hold a pair of nail clippers in my molars. I managed to get one nail half clipped before I let go the wrong way and the little lever sprang back and hit my teeth with this interesting reverberating buzz. Luckily, nothing was bloodied or knocked out, but my teeth ached for a while after. In the years since, I figured out how to hold the clippers in my right hand while at the same time cutting the nails on my right hand. (I had very flexible joints before my good hand started to go bad. Specifically-designed one handed nail clippers are a better idea now, though: much less punishing. I wouldn’t recommend my first methods.)

    Thanks for suggesting the iron-on tape — not being the crafty sort, I hadn’t even thought of that.

  6. Elisabeth says:

    She’s still going through therapy but is making good progress- she is able to tie her shoelaces again and is very excited about it. :} Thanks for asking!

    Do you use Sensodyne? And the adaptive nail clippers sound brilliant- I just wish it wasn’t so hard to track things down. The Internet is wonderful, but unless you have someone else’s review to go by, it’s hard to know whether it will actually be effective for you or not.

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