AutoHotkey creates Dragon-accessible programs!

So I was playing around with GUI controls in AutoHotkey, which along with Vocola is the “Suzuki violin version” of my learning to program. I don’t have the heavy C++ “music theory/reading” knowledge yet, but AutoHotkey’s tutorial is thorough enough that I can do some of what I want with that. And damn, can I. It turns out that, if you create a text field (or edit control) or button with AutoHotkey, Dragon can interact with it perfectly. I set up a simple edit field with an OK button. The green light lit up on the Dragon Bar, and I had full dictation and vocal editing capability. No “nonstandard window” here. I could speak the OK button, and it was clicked like that. This is wonderful. Imagine what someone with better programming skills could do with this!

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2 Responses to AutoHotkey creates Dragon-accessible programs!

  1. kristina says:

    I stumbled upon your blog the other day in the course of googling something related. Very glad I did. Am especially interested in your dragon posts. I am tutoring someone who is using dragon and want to improve my knowledge of it.

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Thanks — glad it helps!

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