Jarte Plus 4.1 with Dragon NaturallySpeaking: new shortcuts!

I might be late to this, but I just upgraded Jarte Plus to version 4.1. (The upgrade is free.) Five minutes later, I wrote a thank you note to Carolina Road. Not only does it keep the relative accessibility of the previous versions, but it improves it. Please note that I don’t mean it’s fully compatible yet — Dragon still won’t let you insert tables — but rather I mean that some new features allow speech recognition users to make a lot of vocal shortcuts. Using this program just got 10 times easier. This would be especially so for those who don’t use add-on command programs. I’ve actually gotten rid of some of my Vocola commands because of it.

The improvement is a new Quick Bar option — a toolbar of buttons that can be customized to perform a range of navigation, file, and formatting options. All of these buttons can be accessed by name, and you can give them any name you want. To show the bar, say “View” (using the Minimal menu option, of course), then “type Q”. You will have to use the Mouse Grid or mouse commands to click the little wrench to customize the toolbar. Use Tab and Enter to add, edit, or delete buttons. Tab into the command search field to find the command you want. You can say “Advanced” and tab into the different fields to change the size and spacing of the buttons to make room for more. I have the following mix of basic and more involved shortcuts, with room for about 5 more:

Close Delete
Attachment (renamed; opens my e-mail program and automatically attaches my document to a new message window)
Title Case
Save Close
Copy All
Next Tab
Word Count
Close Tab

This greatly reduces the need for vocal keypresses or mouse commands. Excellent. NOTE: As always, make sure the Advanced setting “Detect DNS” is set to 1.

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