Linkification: avoid copying text links with Dragon

While most webpages convert text links to hyperlinks, some don’t — certain comment page formats in Blogger, for example. Or, if people don’t want to provide an active link to a page they disagree with or find problematic, they will sometimes include the text of the link for you to copy and paste into the address bar should you want to read it. While you can select text with Dragon using caret browsing (F7) and the “select next <x> words/lines” commands, this can be tedious for some, especially if all you want to do is select that little bit of text. To avoid copying and pasting links, you can use Linkification.

Linkification will force text links to become clickable. If you’re using Mouseless Browsing, these links will be assigned a number for you to say. If you’re using typeaheadfind.linksonly, you can say or spell part of the link. Linkification will also, it turns out, take you to about:config, which makes it easier for you to implement some of the suggestions found in my posts. 🙂

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