Acknowledging good blogs: links

The other day, Elisabeth at Redefining Good “spread the happy” and kindly mentioned my blog. So, I do the same and mention some more blogs I like and lurk at. Most deal with disability or justice, or both. In no order of importance:

1. I really want to mention NTs Are Weird by Joel Smith, in case it goes back up. Smith, an autistic man who uses augmentative communication part-time, always had astute critiques of augmentative communication technology, the US government’s treatment of disability and access to devices, and conceptions and misconceptions about autism among other things.

2. Rolling Around in My Head is an occasionally poignant, humorous, and activist blog about life, disability, and wheelchair accessibility by Dave Hingsburger, who has the voice of a storyteller.

3. Cat in a Dog’s World offers perspective on how autism is portrayed in news, TV, and books, as well as in life in general. Sarah has a good eye.

4. Wheelie Catholic by Ruth contains the best point of view of driving a wheelchair I’ve seen so far. That information will come in handy someday. The blog also contains disability news and occasionally biting commentary on said news.

5. Stuff White People Do is a blog by Macon D, a white guy who works hard to pinpoint white people’s racist tendencies — both overt and subtle — in an effort to analyze and, hopefully, curb them. His commenters, many of whom are POC, don’t pull any punches and expect people to own up to their behavior. This is refreshing. I find myself sometimes making intersections with ableism as well.

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