“Autoscroll” Kindle for PC with Dragon: Vocola

These are some Vocola commands for reading on Kindle. The first command is the closest I could get to an auto scroll feature; it will turn a certain number of “pages” on a delay, which you might want to adjust to your taste. You’ll note I don’t have many commands related to notetaking. This is because I find it too cumbersome to bother with at the moment; I may change my mind later.

# Voice commands for kindleforpc

2..10 pages = Repeat($1, Wait(10000){Right});

Full screen = {F11};

Small screen = {Esc};

Increase font = {Ctrl++};

Decrease font = {Ctrl+-};

Reset font = {Ctrl+0};

Beginning = {Alt+g}b;

Table of contents = {Alt+g}t;

Open notes = {Ctrl+b};

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