Firefox 4 beta with Dragon NaturallySpeaking: mostly harmless

EDIT: Please see Clarification: TSF, Firefox and Dragon.

I’m testing Firefox 4. Select-and-say will still not work properly in text fields. (PLEASE NOTE: I encourage you to download the beta and click the Feedback button, then mention lack of select-and-say support under “Firefox made me sad because.” We need numbers.) Also, if you’re able to press keys or you prefer saying “press F6” instead of “go to address,” F6 won’t perform that action until you go to View — Toolbars and uncheck Tabs on Top. If you do want to keep your tabs above the navigation and bookmark toolbars, you’ll have to press Control L to get into the address bar. (By keyboard, I mean. Dragon’s address bar command works regardless.)

Otherwise, it seems to be the same as always. The buttons, tabs and menus are still accessible vocally, and the buttons are more compact, which I like. Do note that add-ons I’ve mentioned here are not yet compatible. I will update when they are.

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2 Responses to Firefox 4 beta with Dragon NaturallySpeaking: mostly harmless

  1. deborah says:

    I see a lot of things that haven’t been fixed and some things which are actively worse. Like if you try to look at the the properties for an image now, and that image has both title and alternative text, you can only see the title.

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Ugh. I hadn’t noticed that. And alternative text is a pretty important thing to be messing up, too… dammit, Mozilla. At least there might be some chance of fixing that one in time for the stable release; I’ve seen a few comments about images on the Input page. Maybe “mostly harmless” needs a rephrase, though… Dang. I really don’t want to go back to IE. But if things don’t change, well…

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