Why Intellikeys USB is useless to me

I really need to rest my voice,  but I came to the conclusion that it’s not a smart idea to finger-type anymore. The pain and twitching are not pleasant. But I can’t use pointing devices, either, with my hand or head. Switch use is possible but fatiguing. That leaves stick typing, which wears out my shoulder on a standard size keyboard and is problematic on many smaller keyboards because useful keys are hidden by a non-sticking Fn key. Also, Dvorak can be inaccessible on public computers. So I decided to look up the Intellikeys USB keyboard, which is pressure sensitive and can have custom overlays, macros, and built in mouse functions and works as a switch interface besides.

Unfortunately, the Intellikeys has a large drawback, which for me is a deal breaker: You must have Intellitools software installed on every computer you want to plug the keyboard into. It would therefore be useless on a public computer, or on a work computer unless you got admin rights for any machine you might use. (I already do this with Dragon, but the less I have to bother the IT Department, the better.) Damn. But I think I might have an alternative — I’ll post when I know more about it.

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One Response to Why Intellikeys USB is useless to me

  1. Elisabeth says:

    I’m intrigued! Looking forward to the update…

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