Evo arthritis pen site error

Quick heads-up: I tried to order a pack of Evo arthritis pens a few weeks ago from the Evo site using PayPal. Wondering why I hadn’t received them, I brought up the “Receipt for your payment to” email and saw that Burton Rubin’s email address had a typo — the T was missing from Earthlink. So, even though PayPal deducted the money, it couldn’t actually go anywhere. I canceled the transaction, since it was marked unclaimed, and my account was credited. I have notified Burton Rubin at the appropriate address, so am guessing he’ll fix his information.

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2 Responses to Evo arthritis pen site error

  1. Elisabeth says:

    Did you ever get your pen? Someone was asking if the Evo pen was any good and I was reminded of your post!

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Yeah, I did. (From a different site, possibly Arthritis Supplies.) They’re all right. I’m not sure I hold them properly — I’ve never been able to use a “proper” pencil/pen grip, I don’t think — but they do at least prevent me pinching my fingers so much or my joints bending the wrong way, because they’re kind of broad and flat. I do have to watch that my thumb doesn’t bend inward too much, but that might just be me, especially if I don’t have the “correct” grip. I’ve been trying out different grips, so. You do need to be able to pinch the cartridge, in order to pull it out and reverse it to “cap” the pen, which is doable one-handed but requires a bit more wiggling. It writes okay, though I wish the ink were a little bit bolder. With the exception of my weird thumb, it seems easier on my fingers than a regular pen. And trying different grips might fix the thumb thing. Also just trying out different pen thicknesses.

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