Fix for Jarte Plus 4.1 false screen reader detection

EDIT: I was trying Word Aid at the time, which apparently installed text to speech, which ran in the background even when the program wasn’t running.

IMPORTANT: I started Jarte Plus 4.1 this morning only to find that it had started itself in Screen Reader Mode. This meant that the Quick Bar containing my vocal shortcut buttons was totally inaccessible, nor could I bring it back by setting Override Screen Reader to 0. I don’t even have the TTS or playback option installed in Dragon, so I don’t know what was presenting itself as a screen reader. Jarte had never mistaken Dragon for a screen reader before.

I contacted Bob Flora, who said he’d add “false positive” detection to the next version to avoid this problem. In the meantime, he told me to set Override Screen Reader to 2. I did so, and it’s fine now.

If you’re having this problem and need to know how to edit the Advanced Settings, you can say “Press Shift Control Y,” then “Edit settings.” You may have to press OK if you get a warning about modifying settings. You can press Control F to search for “screen reader.”

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