Screenshots with Jarte Plus, without Print Screen

Speaking of Jarte Plus: I was looking for more Quick Bar shortcuts and found a command called Screen Capture, which I named Screenshot. When I spoke that button, Jarte switched to my previously active window and offered me a crosshair with which to select a portion of my screen. With Dragon, it’s easier to do that with the mouse commands — left clicking once, moving accordingly, then clicking again. However, Jarte also includes Arrow and Enter key navigation for this. When you have selected your portion, Jarte returns you to your document, where you can paste your screenshot.

While this is not as simple as pressing Print Screen or Alt Print Screen to capture a whole screen or active window, it could be useful for those who don’t have a Print Screen key on their keyboard. It would enable taking screenshots without having to remap keyboard keys. Note: you can’t take a screenshot of Jarte itself because it’s minimized in order for the feature to work. Jarte’s feature would be okay for those who don’t take screenshots often.

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