How It Is: symbol set for abstract thoughts

LINK FIXED. Just a quick post: makers of a communication symbol set about feelings and body autonomy, How It Is, have included a drawing for “patronized.” Hell yes. I can’t think in pictures, but even I can feel the expression on the picture person’s face as xyr head is patted by a hand. Augmentative communication isn’t my area of experience, at least not as it’s commonly thought of, but these steps are so important. I have the utmost respect for people who give people with disabilities ways to communicate abstract or complex things — something that standard symbols seem to have a hard time doing. It’s worth noting that symbols were contributed by actual children and young adults.

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One Response to How It Is: symbol set for abstract thoughts

  1. olive says:

    I;m looking for a program that will help someone who can read, hear ok, can probably use a finger to “type ” with, but can’t form words except yes, no, and occasionally some other word. It could “read” the person and what they may be trying to say, or it could be pictures roughly put together and the program would say what ever it was, in either case. The program would be talking for the person, and the person could hear someone else and with the help of words or pictures, put together the next idea that the computer would say to the other person
    what do you think? Is it out there?

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