Traxsys adjustable switch review: a medium

A short review of a small product. The idea of the Traxsys “Joggle” adjustable pressure switch is exactly what it sounds like: twist the lid of the switch (which resembles nothing so much as a primary colored chocolate covered Oreo) to get either a light or heavy activation force. That way, a variety of users can work the switch. Or, the same user can use different body parts. For instance, if I were using my spastic left fist, I would tighten the pressure slightly to prevent random clicks. If I wanted to use my right hand, I would loosen the switch all the way in order to minimize impact and pain.

Unfortunately, I got a bad one and have boxed it up for return. The switch kept sticking; I had to pry it up after pressing. And on the lightest setting, the force wasn’t uniform across the whole surface, but heavier on one side. I may try the switch again, because I do like the concept, but I may look for a different switch altogether. I don’t know yet.

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