Change default auto scrolling speed and length in Dragon 11

I mentioned before that Dragon’s “start/stop scrolling up/down” command had a set speed or spacing: whatever your default setting is for mouse scroll wheels. That makes sense, because Dragon’s auto scroll command is the equivalent of flicking a scroll wheel or turning a scroll ring repeatedly.

Therefore, to change the default scrolling speed in Dragon 11, you can go through the Mouse settings in the Control Panel. (Or, perhaps, the Ease of Access Center.) Please note, however, that this method will require having a mouse or trackball with scrolling capability hooked up to your computer.

In the Mouse settings, say “Wheel.” (That’s why you need to connect a scrolling pointing device: if you don’t have one, the Wheel tab will not appear.) You then have the option of “Roll the wheel one notch to scroll <number> lines at a time.” If you set the number to one, you are free to increase the speed as much as you like after that; just say “scroll faster.” Saying “scroll faster” or “scroll slower” will not increase or decrease the number of lines scrolled, but rather speed up or slow down the repeat rate of the scrolling. That way you can increase the speed without half the screen jumping past you. However, if you want to start from a greater number of lines, the same principles apply.

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