Reduce dwell click lag in Google Scribe

I mentioned in my review of Google Scribe that the ten second window for choosing a suggestion can be problematic in list view because of a possible lag in going between the arrow keys and Space or between a dwell click button and a word. If you’re using an onscreen keyboard with Point N Click and want to reduce the travel between the keys, the buttons, and the list, you can use the Keyboard Shortcuts option in Point N Click to mitigate it slightly.

To do this, dwell on the wrench icon. Under Selections, choose Keyboard Shortcuts. The dropdown menus next to the buttons allow you to assign a function key to each click, with optional modifier key triggers. Since F9 doesn’t seem to do anything in Firefox, I set it to be a left click. This way, as I type, I don’t have to go to the side of the screen to choose the button before I can click a word; I just highlight F9, which is much closer to the letters.

Please note, however, that this may not be helpful if you require a high dwell time; in that case, single word mode might still be your best bet.

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