Beat the Devil with your voice

The other day I was remembering a conversation I’d had with my grandmother, who was a big fan of card games. I’d asked her whom she’d beaten after she’d won a game of Solitaire. My grandmother shrugged and said, “The devil.” My grandmother was a devout churchgoer, and for a long time I thought she’d made that up.

It turns out, though, that there is actually a form of Solitaire called “Beat the Devil,” which I’ve never played. I have played a version like the one in Windows, though, and it totally slipped my mind that I could do that by voice.

Solitaire is accessible by the Enter and arrow keys, as well as F2 for a new game. “Mouse double-click” works well for aces. When you start Solitaire, you can say “Go (right | left) <number>,” and the mouse cursor will move that number of spaces until it’s positioned over the card you want to move or turn over. (Each card, including the deck and the spots for the aces, is a space.) To turn over a card, click it or press Enter. To move a single card under another card, say “press Enter,” then “go <direction> <number>.” Then press Enter to drop the card. To move a pile of cards, “go up” before you press Enter. If you find an ace, double clicking will move it to its slot. Double clicking cards of the same suit will move them on top of their aces.

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2 Responses to Beat the Devil with your voice

  1. Manish Makwana says:

    screenshots? 😉

    did you successfully beat the Devil?

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Eventually. Trick is knowing when to start a new game so you don’t go hoarse over the pointless timesucker. 🙂

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