Quick review: Project Possibility onscreen keyboard

Because I can’t sleep, I am playing with the onscreen keyboard from Project Possibility. It’s in the alpha stage and has been for some time, but it’s putting words on my screen. It’s made for word prediction — no more, no less. There are no extras like auto capitalization, though it does provide auto spacing. It’s very big and visible, with a nice bold font on the keys. The prediction is trigram — it stores up to three words at a time. You have five choices. Some are common, and some are decidedly not. Unfortunately, you can’t remove unwanted words; you just have to type around them.

You have the option of letting the keyboard learn as you type. Considering the inability to delete words, this could both help and hinder. The text window does not track where you are in your document, so if you go back to edit something, the keyboard sometimes adds a long garbled “new word” to its dictionary. That, or your prediction order gets a little scrambled.

There is no auto click; if you want to dwell over the keys, you will need to use the “repeat with movement required” combination in Point N Click.

You can shrink the keyboard, and the font will remain bold enough to be visible, which is very nice.

Right now, the keyboard is too rough for everyday use. However, it is promising and would at least make a good last resort in an emergency.

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