Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plug-in: text to speech and autoscroll

I’ve written a Vocola command for autoscrolling Kindle for PC with Dragon, but if Vocola doesn’t work, there’s another (slightly roundabout) way: downloading Kindle for PC with Accessibility Plug-in. It’s the same as the original program, except for some added capabilities. So I deleted the old version and replaced it with this one. Options are always good.

By “accessibility”, Amazon means screen readers. It has a built in speech engine with a male and female voice, and you use a separate screen reader to hear the menus. Narrator works for my purposes. You need to be running the external reader for Amazon’s plug-in to work.

For physical accessibility, the keyboard shortcuts are the relevant part; they’ll work if you have the sound muted (though Narrator must be in the background). In addition to the standard shortcuts, there are some specific to reading. The most important for scrolling are Control Shift C and Control R: “Toggle continuous reading” and “Read” respectively. You need to press the Read command after the Continuous command.

When you do that, Amazon’s voice will read the book to you, turning the pages as it goes. If you change the reading speed (Shift + and Shift-), the page turns will be faster or slower. Space or F6 pauses. Your font size and line spacing will determine the amount scrolled at a time.

If you do use the voices, they’re not bad, and you can switch between them. The male voice seems to have a little more expression. Be aware that you can only use those voices, even if your reader has a different voice.

This method might be a bit of a kludge if all you want to do is autoscroll, but if you want the option of text to speech or Vocola doesn’t work, it’s worth trying out.

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