Alternative to TrackballWorks: universal macros with X-Mouse

If I want to do macros with my trackball, I use AutoHotkey for two main reasons: it’s a lot more customizable (see the Kindle script) and it works with Point N Click. If I remember correctly, Kensington’s TrackballWorks only communicates with the hardware buttons (which makes sense, but is nonetheless unfortunate if you use dwell clicking).

However, if you want to do common program, navigation and media tasks without scripts, the freeware X-Mouse Button Control will do everything TrackballWorks can do regardless of your device. It works with dwell click software buttons as well. Any and all device buttons can be programmed, including the scroll wheel. You can have 5 application specific layers and set hotkeys to switch among them.  About the only thing it doesn’t do is alter the pointer acceleration. It might be particularly welcome on devices like the Roller or Wave (Optima), which are simple for a reason but might frustrate people who want to do more.

So if your device is a bit basic out of the box, X-Mouse can enhance it with ready-made common tasks, without scripts.

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