Global tweaks for Expert Mouse and others: Drag lock with AutoHotkey

When I use the trackball and onscreen keyboard, I use dwell clicking for almost everything–except precise or continuous  dragging. The drag function in Point N Click is fine for most things, and  the “repeat drag with movement required” combination is excellent for playing Words with Friends or something. But it always times out eventually, and if I don’t want that, I need a solid drag lock button (and a pencil to press it).

You can turn on Click Lock for the left button in Windows (Control Panel > Mouse >  Turn on ClickLock), but I wanted to use the extra button on my trackball so nothing would interfere with Point N Click’s operation.

; Simple drag lock
GetKeyState, state, LButton
if state = U
Click down LButton
Click up LButton

; Easier context menu clicks
Send, {RButton}
Sleep, 3000
Send, {LButton}

I also wanted to make the right button more logical to me. When I click the right button, it’s almost always to select from a context menu. So in the second part, the right button brings up the menu, waits so you can point to your choice, then performs a left click. That script will work with Point N Click, which means you don’t have to use their button for it, which means more screen space for you.

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