Mobility aid review: Crutcheze AirFlex forearm crutch cuff covers

A while ago, I switched from regular Crutcheze cuff pads to their newer Air Flex. The Air Flex padding is much more comfortable for me. The fabric itself is thick, so it feels like the whole cuff is cushioned; I don’t feel the edges of the cuff the way I sometimes did with the original. The inserts are neoprene rather than foam, which means the padding doesn’t compress as much or as quickly. I’d guess the padding is about a half inch thick. That’s important to me; I have a 3″ cuff and even that’s too big. I need a thick cover so that my stick stays on my arm, so I can swing it efficiently.

The thickness concern brings me to my next point: the rare perk of being one handed and things coming in pairs. While the Crutcheze cover is fine for me in winter with the added bulk of my coat and clothes, it can still slip a little on my bare arm in warm weather. The cover allows for adding extra padding, so I inserted the neoprene from the second cover into the first. All you have to do is turn the cover inside out, slip it through, and turn the cover rightside out again.

The cover also seems to go over the cuff more easily, which is no small thing with a V design cuff. Once you get each pocket a tad over each side of the cuff, you can just pull the cover straight back and it slides right on. It doesn’t bunch up like the original did sometimes.

The only problem I had at first was that the Air Flex are supposed to fasten around the back of the crutch with Velcro. That doesn’t work on the Millennial forearm crutch cuff. Even if you can get the straps around, the fasteners prevent the cuff from moving on its hinge, which restricts my movement somewhat and is slightly less safe if I should fall. So I cut off the Velcro, and it was fine; the cover stayed on with no problem. Later, I took out the Velcro stubs with a seam ripper when I noticed it snagging my backpack. That was a bit of work, my hand strength being what it is. When I asked Crutcheze for suggestions, they sent me a pair of Air Flex without Velcro. It meant a lot to me; I depend on that little slip of fabric for my stick to be usable.

Comfort and customer service–what more could you ask for?

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