Stop mouse settings from reverting in Windows 10: X Mouse Button Control

When I’m not using speech recognition, I’m using my trackball. My trackball drives everything, including my on-screen keyboard. Also, some of Dragon’s mouse commands rely on the Windows mouse settings. Therefore, I was rather peeved when I discovered that a bug in either Windows 10 or Synaptics resets the mouse settings–from pointer speed to scroll length–every time the computer reboots. Besides updating the drivers, I tried running regedit and setting HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Synaptics\SynTP\Install\DeleteUserSettingsOnUpgrade to 0 and setting HKEY_CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Desktop\WheelScrollLines to a different number, but neither worked for me, so if they don’t work for you either, you have a couple of third-party program options that can bypass the bug.

The easiest option is to install any enhancement software that came with your pointing device. I’m not fond of Trackball Works for my Expert, though, because no matter what I do to the pointer speed, it feels to my hand like it’s floating around. Also, it doesn’t offer scrolling by page. So I looked for universal mouse enhancement programs and found X Mouse Button Control, which is a mouse hotkey programmer that also handles the standard mouse functions and then some. Most importantly, X Mouse runs at boot up and overrides the standard driver, so whatever you set remains. (However, if you don’t want it to run on booting, you can disable it in msconfig.exe.)

Mainly, I wanted to keep the mouse speed and thresholds I’d set in the registry and the scroll steps I’d set in the Mouse options in Control Panel. (To increase your mouse speed beyond what the control panel offers, go to regedit.exe and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Mouse. Set MouseSpeed to 2 and both thresholds to 0 for maximum speed.) To adjust your pointer speed settings, double-click the X Mouse tray icon, then click the Settings button and set the speed slider to wherever you choose. You also have several wheel  options here, such as scrolling the window under the cursor or activating the window with the scroll wheel. Under the Advanced tab, there are several useful accessibility options, such as ignoring repeated scroll motions or setting the repeat rate.

To set your scrolling speed or amount, use the Scrolling and Navigation tab in the main window. You have the option of scrolling a page at a time or setting the number of lines, as well as locking your axes via modifier keys. (To set your modifier keys, click the Settings button, then the Modifier Keys tab.)

Finally, you have your standard hotkey and macro options for the scroll wheel and up tp 5 buttons, which can be global or program specific. Note: If you use dwell clicking software, your button actions will apply to dwell click buttons as well. While working native drivers would be nice, this isn’t a bad alternative.

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