Quick tip: How to open a childproof cap with your foot

I have a software review request owing, I know. I will get to it shortly. But just a quick post now, because I am pleased. After more puzzling than I would have liked — I’m a bit slow at this sometimes — I figured out how to open the childproof cap on a prescription pill bottle with my foot, or partly with my foot. I had tried one of those rubber Medi-Cap grip thingies in conjunction with my knees, but it was useless (as were my knees). I was about to go for the brute force way of stomping on the bottle until the plastic splintered until it occurred to me there might be a gentler way to do that. Here it is, in case you also hadn’t figured it out yet:

First, you might want to put a piece of paper on the floor in case a few pills roll out. Second, turn the bottle sideways on the floor, cap facing your hand. Preferably shod, crouch on the floor and press the upper area of your sole against the side of the bottle. Press down until you think you’ve got it pinned well. Then, get your fingertips around the cap, press the cap in very very slightly, and turn. I think the heavier pressure of your foot reduces the amount of hand pressure needed.

Of course, you can always ask the pharmacist to put on a non-childproof cap, but they don’t always do this.

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2 Responses to Quick tip: How to open a childproof cap with your foot

  1. Elisabeth says:

    There was a time (before I added non-childproof caps to my pharmacy account- they’re pretty good about remembering) that it was easier for me to open child-proof caps with my feet than my hands. Of course, I have ridiculously long monkey-toes, but that’s probably more than anyone needs to know. Non-slip socks help, but if my feet are clean I am not ashamed to use bare feet- it is much easier for gripping. I can also fold and throw paper airplanes with my feet. This makes me the Coolest Aunt Ever, apparently. But I digress.

  2. hand2mouth says:

    Well, but it is cool. 🙂 My foot was never that agile. But shod it’s good as a weight, or a doorstop, or a door-shove-opener or stapler-presser, I suppose. It’s nice that kids are so accepting of this kind of resourcefulness, at least to a point. One little girl, noting my penchant for using my teeth, said, “No fair! I get in trouble for putting things in my mouth.” Probably I shouldn’t have started laughing, but…

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